IMS, Inc.is a moving company and freight forwarder, licensed and bonded by the FMC, and was formed in 1974 in the Washington, DC area with the express intention of specializing in one kind of moving - international. We have shown remarkable stability, residing at the same location for 37 years. While the primary focus of our company remains international, we now handle ALL types of moving with equal skill.

In addition, we now have a branch office in the New York City area , and one in development in the Norfolk-Va Beach area. We have no geographical limitations to the scope of our work, and we can handle moving projects from any point in the world to another.

Our growth has been due in great part to the strength of our people and the expertise we have developed in this time. This strength and expertise come from several factors:

Due to heavy demand for our superior services in the New York-New Jersey area, we established a branch office in 1997. This was done to properly handle the moving needs of our United Nations, Corporate, and other private customers.

A permanent office in the Norfolk-Va Beach area for our NATO and Foreign Military clients is under development.

Our specific goal is to satisfy each and every customer, and we measure our success in the number of loyal clients we have maintained through the years.

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